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Viora Reaction

Cellite Clinic is the first in Wales to offer Viora Reaction™ treatments.  Viora Reaction™ uses a FDA approved radiofrequency and vacuum therapy for facial and body skin tightening and contouring.

It is an effective, non-invasive and safe procedure that requires no downtime and can be used virtually anywhere on the body and also on the face. May patients use it as a non-surgical alternative to a facelift.

Viora can be used for the following:
  • Circumferential reduction
  • Tightening of the skin on the face and body
  • Skin tightening treatment for stretch marks
  • Cellulite treatment

Why choose Cellite Clinic for Viora Reaction in Cardiff

Cellite Clinic is the first medical clinic in Wales to offer the Viora Reaction treatment. As the leading dermatologist led private medical aesthetic clinic in Wales, our clients expect us to have the latest and best equipment to provide them with a safe, customised medical treatment program. Cellite Clinic had trialled numerous radio frequency machines that boast similar abilities and technologies. We are confident that we have found the one that can produce satisfactory consistent results and causing our patients neither much discomfort nor any downtime.

How Viora Reaction works

Viora Reaction™ uses the patented CORE™ (Channeling Optimized Radiofrequency Energy) technology, which allows three different levels of radiofrequency settings or a fourth level by combining all three. The CORE technology provides deep tissue heating that breaks down fat cells, induce contraction of collagen and increase production of new collagen and elastin over time. Four different vacuum suction levels are also available for use in combination with the radio frequency to even better achieve the optimal penetration levels and mechanical massaging/ maneuvering depending on skin types, thickness and laxity. This allows enhanced treatment customization and efficacy.

What happens

Every patient will have a full consultation and assessment by our medical staff and a customised treatment regime drawn up. After the initial consultation, your practitioner or therapist will perform a test spot procedure to ensure suitability for treatment and determine the optimum treatment settings. Depending on the intended application, a gel or oil will be applied to the treated area and the relevant applicator will be used to determine comfort and skin response. After the evaluation is complete and assuming suitability for treatment, the practitioner will schedule the treatment course.

During the Viora Reaction treatment, you will first experience a gradual warming up of the surface of your skin, while deep tissue heating is happening inside the dermis level of the skin. Once the required temperature is reached the skin tightening or contouring treatment begins. The temperature of your skin is maintained at a desired temperature throughout the treatment duration. Total expected treatment time is about 20-25 minutes per treatment area.


Is there any downtime

You may have minimal redness right after a Viora Reaction skin tightening treatment which usually resolves within the hour. You can apply your make-up if desired and continue with your daily routine straight after.

After a body contouring procedure the skin may feel comfortably warm for up to a few hours. Occasionally there may be slight bruising depending on the intensity of the vacuum setting used. This usually resolves within a few days.

How many Viora Reaction treatments will I need

For skin tightening a treatment course of 4-8 sessions is recommended for optimal results. For body contouring a minimum of 6 weekly treatment sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. However response to treatment varies from person to person and varies from area to area in different parts of the body. Your practitioner will be able to recommend a proper treatment guideline that suits your profile.

Viora Reaction cost

Prices start from £120 per session for contouring and from £70 per session for skin tightening. Prepaid packages of three sessions and six sessions attract 10% to 20% discount depending on the number and combination of treatment areas. Individual treatment area size - up to 15cm x 20cm (A5).

Viora Reaction reviews

I was recruited by Cellite Clinic as a trial subject for the treatment of my loose skin on my stomach which has been impossible to get rid of since the arrival of my second child 13 years ago. The treatment was with a new machine called Reaction which utilises radio frequency wavelengths to heat and stimulate inner layers of the skin to tighten. I did not see much results until after the third treatment. After the third treatment I started to see that the skin on my tummy was clearly tightening and the improvement continues. The trial stopped after the sixth treatment one month ago due to my own personal circumstances. However the skin treated remains obviously tighter up till now. I am excited and will want to resume treatment at the clinic as soon as possible.
SJ, Cardiff 2012

After recently having a baby, I found that I had some stretch marks on the tops of my legs. I started having Viora treatment and after only 4 treatments I found my stretch marks were visibly reduced. On the one leg the redness had completely gone. After eight treatments on the other leg the stretch marks had improved greatly leaving only a small barely visible stretch mark. After having my baby and finding the stretch marks, and knowing how hard it is to treat them I am overjoyed at the results I have had. I would recommend Viora to anyone. The treatment itself was painless and the staff at The Cellite Clinic were lovely.
LC, Caerphilly 2012


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Viora before and after pictures



Loose skin, before

 Loose skin, after




Sagging skin, before

 Sagging skin, after




Loose skin, before

 Loose skin, after


Viora Reaction reviews in the Press

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What should I do next if I want Viora Reaction ?

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If you have more questions we will be happy to call you back at a more convenient time.

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