Breast Reduction Cardiff

Pure Tumescent liposuction can also be used for male and female breast reduction. One of the main advantages of this method of breast reduction compared to others is that no incisions are made, so the patient is not left with any big scars.

Pure tumescent liposuction involves the safe and efficient removal of excess fat with minimal discomfort, quicker healing and immediate long-lasting results.

Pure Tumescent liposuction has no hospital stay and you can have your breast reduction in Cardiff.

Breast reduction surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic in our office surgical suite. As well as avoiding the risks and side-effects of general anaesthetic, this makes this form of breast reduction surgery more affordable when compared to other breast reduction procedures.

Why choose Cellite Clinic for breast reduction in Cardiff?

Cellite Clinic are experts in breast reduction using the Pure Tumescent Liposuction method. Cost of breast reduction is higher in hospitals. We offer an affordable breast reduction surgery in Cardiff that can be considerably less expensive than a hospital or clinic. We are one of the very few clinics that offer this breast reduction treatment. It is performed by Dr Harryono Judodihardjo, one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the UK. We have an excellent track record and many very happy patients and offer personalised care throughout.

I had a breast reduction by lipo in August 2014 and went for a bra fitting recently. My size has gone from DD – to a B/C ! I am thrilled with the reduction; they reduced so slowly as to be unnoticeable – and indeed no-one has noticed. I know you said at the time that I was the ‘smallest’ client going for a reduction, but I am so happy with the results. Thank you.- CM, Cardiff

Breast Reduction Q&A

Tiny incisions are made and a thin tube called a microcannula is inserted under the skin, penetrating the fat between the skin and muscle. The areas of fat to be treated are injected with a large volume of tumescent liquid before liposuction is performed. This solution numbs the area and shrinks capillaries to minimises blood loss. The liquid also causes the compartments of fat to become swollen and firm, allowing the cannula to travel smoothly beneath the skin. The cannula is then pushed and pulled through the fat layer to break up the fat cells which are drawn out by a vacuum. An elastic compression garment is then worn to help the skin contract and heal.

A local anaesthetic and adrenaline solution to prevent bleeding is injected into the tissues to totally numb the area of treatment. This will mean an almost painless fat removal treatment, as well as reduced bleeding. For patients who require relief from fear or anxiety, mild sedation can be given.

Most patients will see some results straight away. However, the appearance of the treated areas will continue to improve in the months after the procedure. Depending on the area treated it can take up to 12 months for the final results to become evident. Once the fat has been removed it is gone for good, and if you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan it will not come back.

Most of the time the skin will retract after any liposuction. Younger skin tends to retract more than more matured skin. The shape and appearance of the breasts after the liposuction will be similar to before the liposuction but smaller. So far we have not seen loose skin after liposuction to the breasts, possibly because the weight of the breast tissues that keep the skin tight after the liposuction.

This will depend on the number and size of areas to be treated, but generally between 1 and 3 hours. However patients will be expected to spend up to 6 hours in the clinic on the day of the surgery.

Patients wear a sports bra for about 1-3 weeks and can usually return to light activities and work 2-3 days after the surgery.

Breast/Chest reduction, from £3500. The exact costs can only be confirmed after a thorough consultation with the surgeon.

Before and after pictures for breast reduction

 Breast reduction – Before

Breast reduction – Before

 Breast reduction – Before

Breast reduction – Before

 Breast reduction – After

Breast reduction – After

 Breast reduction – After

Breast reduction – After

Key facts about breast reduction by Pure Tumescent Liposuction method

  • Pure tumescent liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can be done safely and less expensively in the office surgical suite.
  • Surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic, removing the risks associated with general anaesthesia
  • Blood loss during surgery can be greatly reduced with Pure Tumescent Liposuction. Most patients only lose a few tablespoons amount of blood.
  • Patients rarely have any discomfort during the surgery.
  • Post-operative recovery is faster, usually 1-3 days.
  • Post-operative discomfort is typically minimal. Significant numbing usually lasts for 18 hours in the treated areas.
  • Published medical studies confirm that the aesthetic results and safety of Pure Tumescent Liposuction are superior compared to the “classical” liposuction performed in a hospital setting.

What should I do next if I want Breast Reduction?

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