Spectra laser peel (often referred to as the Hollywood Laser Peel in the United States) is a comfortable superficial laser peel with no down time. After the treatment you can put back your make up and go to work or socialise with no one ever guessing that you just had a laser peel treatment!

Spectra Laser Peel Treatment (Hollywood Laser Peel) Q&A

With time, everyone’s skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays and ageing. Spectra laser peel treatments can reduce all the seven signs of skin ageing: dark spots, sagging skin, dull skin, lines & wrinkles, skin dryness, patchy skin tones (due to melanin or blood vessels) and open pores. Spectra laser peel is also effective in treating mild to moderate acne and acne scars.

After a consultation with our doctor, you can book in for the treatment. It is a non-surgical and comfortable treatment. Almost all patients rate it at less than 3 out of 10 on the pain scale.

First the skin in the areas going to be treated will be cleaned. Then a layer of carbon liquid will be applied and left on for about 10 minutes for it to soak through into the upper layer of the skin and get into the skin pores.

The first pass of the laser is to use the Lutronic Spectra laser at the Spectra mode with a low energy setting. This heats up the carbon particles in the skin and pores to activate the skin’s repairing process.

The second pass is to use the Lutronic Spectra laser at the Q-switched mode with low energy. This laser setting will vaporize the carbon particles and at the same time take off the upper most layer of your skin (the superficial peel).

The third pass is to use the Lutronic Spectra laser at the Q-switched mode with slightly higher energy. This treatment is to shock the melanocytes cells to stop producing melanin and thus reduces the skin uneven pigmentations.

After the treatment the skin will be slightly pink. Most patients are not bothered with this and can go out with no make up if they wanted to. Some patients who are used to applying make up can do so immediately after the treatment.

Unlike chemical peels, as the peeled skin had been vaporised by the laser in this treatment, there will be no flaky skin after the treatment.

We advise sun or UV protection after any skin peels.


After the treatment the skin will look glowing due to the fact that the top dull layer of the skin had been removed. The collagen stimulation effect of the treatment can be achieved with multiple treatments. How fast you see the results will depend on your age, genetics, UV exposure and lifestyle (smoking will slow down collagen production).  Most patients can see a real improvement after 5 treatments.

This will depend on how much improvement you want to see. We have patients who love this treatment so much that they have ongoing monthly treatments.

We recommend between 5- 10 treatments. The period in between treatments can be from 2 to 4 weeks.

Every adult can benefit from Spectra laser peel treatments. This is an excellent treatment to slow down or reverse the signs of ageing.

Spectra laser peel is also suitable for patients suffering from mild to moderate acne problem.

Cellite Clinic is the oldest private skin laser clinic in Wales. Our highly trained doctor has been treating patients with lasers since 1999.
In the UK, Cellite Clinic is the first in the country to purchase the Spectra laser. This gave us a Spectra laser peel treatment experience that is second to none. You can be sure to always have a safe and professional treatment from the Cellite Clinic.

The fee for Spectra laser peel treatment is £150 per treatment. Some savings can be made with the purchase of multiple treatment packages.

How can I proceed if I want this Spectra laser treatment?

It couldn’t be easier please call us on 02920 644 644 or Contact / email us to arrange a consultation in our Cardiff clinic.

If you have more questions we will be happy to call you back at a more convenient time.