Skin Tag Removal Cardiff

Like moles, skin tags are incredibly common in both men and women. Although essentially harmless, they can be annoying and unsightly. They can also be a problem when shaving, and catch on jewellery and clothes.
Skin tags usually appear around the neck, under the arms, under the breasts, in groin creases, and on the inside of the upper thigh area. The good news is that skin tags are relatively straightforward to get rid of.
Here at the Cellite Clinic we are experts in dermatological procedures such as mole removal Cardiff, wart removal and skin tag removal. We offer three methods of skin tag removal. ICryotherapy, also known as freezing with liquid nitrogen, is applied directly to the skin tag to destroy the cell tissue. Cauterisation involves using a medical probe which burns the tag away and then seals the wound immediately.

We also offer the latest state-of-the-art laser technology to clear skin tags. The cosmetic results are generally very good, leaving very little scarring or marks.

Does skin tag removal hurt?

The surgical procedures are performed under local anaesthetic to ensure the procedure is painless.

How will I look immediately after?

The treated area will usually be slightly sore or red for about two weeks after treatment, and may require a dressing. The treated skin will also be sensitive so we advise that you use a high SPF sunscreen for six months after the procedure.

Will I have a scar?

Most skin tag removal methods leave a very small scar, which typically is hardly noticeable. Some methods results in a small scab that will fall off. There are rarely complications or side effects associated with skin tag removal.

Cost from £300 per session.

What should I do next if I want Skin Tag Removal?

It couldn’t be easier please call us on 02920 644 644 or Contact / email us to arrange a consultation in our Cardiff clinic.

If you have more questions we will be happy to call you back at a more convenient time.