Wart Removal Surgery Cardiff

If your warts have failed to respond to other treatments, our surgical wart removal treatment could be the answer.

The Cellite Clinic offers three methods of wart removal in Cardiff. Cryotherapy, also known as freezing, liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the wart to destroy the cell tissue. Cautery will cut and seal the wart at the same time to reduce any bleeding.

We also offer the latest state-of-the-art laser technology to remove warts. The laser targets them and cuts off the blood supply, thereby eliminating the them without causing damage to any of the surrounding skin. Compared with alternative treatments, laser therapy can treat warts with remarkable safety and efficacy, even those that have become resistant to previous treatment.

The wart removal method will be decided in your consultation by our experienced dermatologist in your consultation. The doctor will also discuss various pain-relief options with you, should you require them.

Does wart removal hurt?

The surgical procedures are performed under local anaesthetic to ensure the procedure is painless.

How will I look immediately after?

After the laser treatment, you may notice some darkening of the skin where the wart used to be, but this is temporary. After Cryotherapy you will get a blister that will take 1-2 weeks to heal. After cautery you will get a scab that will also take up to 2 weeks to heal.

How many treatments will I need?

It depends on the size and location of the wart. Most people find they are free of their wart in fewer than five treatments. Stubborn warts may require a few extra sessions.

Will I have a scar?

All wart removal procedures, both surgical and laser, will typically leave a small scar which is normally far less noticeable than the original wart. Rarely, some people with very dark or light skin have an abnormal response to healing and end up with larger scars than usual.

Post-treatment advice

After the treatment, you can resume your normal routine, including bathing and showering, straight away. Some increased pigmentation may occur, particularly for those with darker skins, but this will disappear in time. A petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can be used to moisturise the treated area 3 times a day.

How much does wart removal surgery cost?

From £300 per session

Before and after images

 Wart Removal, Before

Wart Removal, Before

 Wart Removal, After

Wart Removal, After

What should I do next if I want Wart removal surgery?

It couldn’t be easier please call us on 02920 644 644 or Contact / email us to arrange a consultation in our Cardiff clinic.

If you have more questions we will be happy to call you back at a more convenient time.