Credit Facility

Cellite Clinic does not offer any credit facility. All payments are due on receipt of treatments or earlier by contract. Please ensure that you have the means to settle the account before embarking on any treatments.


Cellite Clinic does not accept personal or company cheques as means of payment. This is due to rising associated financial and administrative costs. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Cellite Clinic Ltd will only accept bankers’ drafts.


For health and safety reasons children must not be left unattended in the premises. Cellite Clinic is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that might be sustained by children on these premises.

Personal Belongings

Please look after your own belongings. Cellite Clinic will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings brought onto or left at the premises.

Licensed Treatments

Cellite Clinic Ltd is licenced to undertake certain treatments by the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales. The Clinic is inspected on a regular basis and a report of the most recent inspection is available on request.

A copy of the up to date certificate of registration is on display in the reception.

Access For Disabled People

Medical consultations and some treatments can be carried out on the ground floor with suitable access for disabled persons. However some treatment rooms are located on other floors of the clinic that can only be accessed by stairs and may not be suitable for some disabled persons. Please inform the Clinic on booking your appointment of any disabilities and if you require assistance.


Patients who wished to be chaperoned during her treatment or consultation please make your request known to the clinic prior to attending the appointment.

Complaints & Suggestions


If you have any suggestions or are dissatisfied in any way with our services please speak or write to Mrs Susan Judodihardjo (Clinic Manager) or Dr Harryono Judodihardjo (Medical Director) directly at this address. We shall attempt to resolve the problems within 48 hours. Should there be difficulties in resolving the problems concerned a written explanation shall be issued to the complainant and further discussions with the manager or director may be arranged if the complainant so desires.

If you are still not satisfied after all the above actions, or if you wish in the first instance, you may complain to Healthcare Inspectorate Wales by telephoning 0300 0628163 or by writing to the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, Welsh Government, Rhydycar Business Park, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1UZ.

A copy of the full complaints policy is available on request.

Health Inspectorate Wales Inspection Report

The latest copy of the HIW Inspection Report is available for your inspection at the reception.


If you experience an emergency regarding treatment you have received at the clinic please telephone the clinic.  Out of clinic hours calls will be received by a recorded message giving the telephone number of the Doctor on Call.